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About Us

Co-founders Mary DeRosa and Robby Lee reside in Austin, TX. CEO and Curator, Mary, was an elementary school teacher for several years in a district just south of Austin. She taught 3rd and 1st grades, Dual Language. CTO and Art Director, Robby, has worked with schools on education and art programs. He is a working artist and designer.

After teaching in the classroom for several years, Mary was inspired to use her background in education & knowledge of "teaching culture" to make teachers' lives easier, remind them of how appreciated they are, and support learning in the elementary classroom on a greater scale. Robby, of course, was excited to be on board after getting to know the life of a teacher thru Mary. They brainstormed the best way to get teachers the tools they need, while also offering special gifts just for them. Well, what better way than to put it all in a box and deliver it to their doorstep each month?! The team's skills and expertise lend perfectly to the thoughtful curation of each ElementaryBox they send.

Dear Teachers,

We know, first hand, how you are often overworked and under-appreciated. But let's face it, the world would stop turning if it weren't for you. Seriously, it would. We are here to lighten your load and give you a well-deserved treat.

Thank you for ALL YOU DO!

<3 ElementaryBox